Preston Global is a global services company of repute that came into existence with a simple yet profound motto… “ to provide a brighter future by connecting nations, using the best of resources available without compromising on providing quality services for our clients.”

We act as a global link to a brighter future. Our aim is to excel in every field we venture into and deliver the best. Preston Global strives to achieve for its clients an experience that is incomparable and unique with customized packages to suit their preferences.

Preston Global a company born with a vision to learn, grow and evolve at every given opportunity. We believe in Connecting nations, Delivering quality and growing deeper roots in knowledge, technology and services.

We stand for quality and value relations. Over the years, we have seen the agriculture trend in India promotes upto 60% of the occupation opportunities to the population either directly or indirectly contributing upto 16% total GDP and 10% of total exports.Israel, a nation with rich and fertile soil, out of deserts, rocky soil and swarms Israel have created gardens, vineyards and farmlands with some of the most innovative techniques in the world. Israeli farming scenario is vast and complex enterprise employing cutting edge technology from breakthrough in genetics, communications, chemistry and tissue culture.They grow food more quickly with less-amount of time, space, energy and in greater abundance. To meet the increasing growth in demand for organic supplies with limited resources not only India but across the globe, Preston Global Services has taken this mission upon its shoulders to bring the best Israeli know-hows, through detailed tailor-made practical agriculture study tours.

We focus to cater to our clients to facilitate knowledge and technology covering vast topics from Hydroponics, field visits to fruit farms, Drip Irrigation, green house visits, Pest Management, Post harvest Technologies and much more. A remarkable visit to Netafim headquarters, green house park, showcasing a range of protected cultivation, onsite visits to Avocado, Pomegranate, Mango and Banana farms.We help you to witness first hand behind the scenes in Post harvest storage, packaging, branding and marketing, handling seasonal crops, know-hows on exports. Visit to Biological pest management solutions helps to fight various fruit flies. Agriculture in Israel is about farming in extreme conditions. How to use water efficiently while being scarce & precious. Adopting new technology, confronting climate change while continuously offering new products and varieties to the market. Here is your opportunity of a lifetime, come and experience the best of what we have to offer.

Connect with us to connect with nations and delivering quality at your door-steps.


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Arun Sam Abraham

Arun Sam Abraham

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Simi Arun

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