Down the ages, the call of India has been compelling. With its mystic blend of spirituality, yoga and meditation, the country is an enigma wrapped in a cocoon. India’s tourism trade is growing rapidly and is a major source of the country’s economic enrichment. Over the next decade, this will put India in the third place among countries with the fastest growing tourism industries.

Want a rejuvenating experience and feel the years rolling off your listless face? Then India is the place for you. With its ageless medical cures, India is a much sought-after magic spa. The medical is tourism sector is expected to grow at an estimated 30% annually to touch about 95 billion seekers by 2015.

India is a fast-growing market that has registered a substantial rise in tourism to Israel. The potential inherent in this market is yet to be realised fully. Hence, the Tourism Ministry in India is working to expand relations with the relevant government sources In Israel to promote bilateral tourism ties.